GiftPay cuts the cost and hassle of plastic gift cards

Stop wasting time and effort buying, managing, packing and posting plastic gift cards!

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Here's how GiftPay cuts the cost and hassle:

  • Staff time

    Your staff spend hours on gift purchasing, handling and delivery. Cut administration time by over 90%.

  • Processing

    Easy online portal makes gift delivery a simple, painless process for you or your staff.

  • Delivery Tracking

    Gift cards are sent via email... faster delivery and more control. You no longer need to worry whether your client has actually received their gift.

  • Postage

    Before, you'd pay postage or registered post. With GiftPay, you don't pay anything for delivery!

  • Security

    No security risk of storing valuable gift cards in your office.

  • Volume Rebates

    Volume rebates available.

  • Micro Gifting

    Cost-effective to send micro-gifts of $5 or $10, as there are no overheads.

  • Expiry

    Plastic gift cards can expire in storage, before you even send them. GiftPay removes this expiry risk entirely!

Which gift cards are available?

Do your gift recipients like electronics, or do they like fashion? Which gift card do you buy? With GiftPay, your recipients choose which gift card they want, and there's something to suit nearly everyone.

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