GiftPay is perfect for competition prizes

Your headline competition prize grabs their attention, but how do you increase the number of winners without increasing the hassle? Easy, just use GiftPay to send prizes to the supplementary winners. Or for regular and ongoing competitions with smaller prizes $1,000 and below, GiftPay takes the hassle out of managing the prizes.

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Example competition using GiftPay

Whether it's $5, $10, $15 or up to $200 per prize, with GiftPay, you can easily manage thousands of prize winners in less than a few minutes. Here's an example of how smaller GiftPay supplementary prizes can work in combination with your larger headline prizes:

  • 1st Prize: 80" LED TV
  • 2nd Prize: Sony Playstation Game Console
  • 500 Supplementary Prizes: $10 eGift Cards (delivered via email)

What prizes can I offer?

With a wide range of ways to spend a GiftPay eGift, your prizes are almost universally appealing.

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What participant details do I need?

You only need each prize winner's email address. For online competitions, this is something you might already collect as part of the entry process - no need to collect postal addresses.

Will processing prizes take too much time?

Easy online portal makes prize delivery a simple task. Arrange the delivery of winners' prizes in minutes, not days!

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What if the winner hasn't received their prize?

If a prize winner never receives their prize, you can resend a prize to the same email or a new email address in just a few clicks.

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